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Biography of Dead Objects 

Screenshot 2022-05-17 at 1.08.04 AM.png

a family of objects when individually touched starts to narrate a short episode shared by the contributor about their experience in last term.



"this was my coping mechanism for the last month" 
"the first time I used a software to make something"
" these little notes of reminder to keep me going" 
"my failed prototype"
" this is helping me build a new me"


During the  term 2 of the MDEF masters program, each of us has experienced a range of emotions within our design process. Within this journey, many ideas and things have been created and many have been laid to death.

We want to open up the “black box” of our design process, and gather these moments which we consider failures and mistakes. By collecting the “dead” artifacts, the ones that did not make it alive, from individual processes, we hope to explore the connections between these objects and generate new narratives. 


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