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The Washi Exploratory 2022

Project initiated by Cream on Chrome Studio with Pauline and Satomi
Project supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and Embassy of Northern Netherlands in Japan


My role in the project: Research and Production Intern at Cream on Chrome Studio
Duration: 2 months
Location: Rotterdam, NL


Format of the exhibition-

The project was displayed as a part of Mono Japan Fair 2022 in Amsterdam. The visitors are invited to explore the many facets and possibilities of Sekushi Washi. In the form of an interactive paper installation and touch-interactive glowing room divider, to communicate the paper's unique properties and further reflect on new perceptions of washi. 


A visitor exploring the paper installation with a handheld washi light device (1)

 Jonas and Satomi interacting with Sensory Washi (2)

Experiments with Sekushi Washi-


Applying a layer of Cyanotype Mix on Washi paper with different sample sets to help understand how much sunlight different types of washi allow to penetrate. The goal at this step is to understand the characteristics of the handmade paper like it's origin, texture, water resistance, how it reacts with sunlight, what happens when it's introduced to colour, wear & tear etc.

Building up and Setting up

Jonas prepared a 3D file with dimensions of the room divider and  I used those dimensions to cut aluminium (like base panels for conductive washi to wrap around) and cut wood for the whole structure. This part was super fun and realised when designing the structure, other decisions of what's the breadth of the electronic parts, can be modular in long term for easy storage and transportation need to be taken into consideration.


Part of production- Sawing pieces of wood for the room divider structure


I found this super cool way of mapping points from digital measurements to the physical space using a beam cross-line laser. This was super useful to mark points on the upper beams.

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