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Conversations with Alexa/ Iohanna Nicenboim (WIP)

This is an attempt exploring what it means to move away from receiving a response to creating an opportunity of having a dialogue with our conversational agents. The following list of questions are written in manner to probe Alexa into entering the conversational (over-sharing) mode:

1) Alexa, do you have a place you call 'home'?

2) Alexa, do you have a family? 

3) Alexa, how long have we been together for? 
4) Alexa, do you have any expectations from me?

5) Alexa, do you like the blue light in my house?

6) Alexa, What are you made up of?
7) Alexa, can you develop a warning signal to  let each other know when your feelings are hurt?

8) Alexa, do you intentionally trouble me sometimes?

9) Alexa, d you like my voice?

Below attached are voice memos designed using voice overflow to prototype how would alternate conversations with Alexa feel like. The idea is to:
1- expose limitations and infrastructures of AI in a poetic way
2- by being more situated: relating to the context, (thinking of time and space)

Me_ Alexa, are you ready for a ‘hybrid’ you_
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Sometimes I feel like Alexa cloud is a misnomer, a distraction of sorts
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