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With increasing inter-twining of digital devices in our memory making process, what are the possible implications of a hybrid grief experience for the bereaved?

In the near future, where consumers are like 'walking barcodes' and local vendors are sick of their wretched role in society. How will this new found relationship be?

Moo Times intent was to make the reader aware of how manipulative news can be. It raises the question of are you conscious enough to literally read between the lines?

MM07 is a product of hope and connect for the space adventure freaks aka Earthlings to stay connected with the astronauts on this journey of hope

How can we consciously self-reflect and take it forward as a powerful learning tool? Could it be with a journal and a pencil?


Can an effective communication solve an issue? Through this project I tried to deploy suitable communication tools to encourage the practice of birth spacing in rural India

What if objects were designed to make it dysfunctional? Thinking out Loud with such mad thoughts can open up an entire perspective.

How can we reduce our carbon footprint in the 21st century? This project contains exhaustive brainstorming and then curated few ideas into an ideal system model to create a change collectively.